Reduce lighting costs at home

Last updated: 6 September 2022

Energy efficient lighting means choosing the right lights and light fittings, turning lights off when you're not using them and using natural light wherever possible.

Plan energy efficient lighting

Learn about the most common lighting alternatives, together with the most energy efficient option for each of them.

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Use lighting efficiently

New lighting technology lets you make a small change to make a big difference, to both your power bills and our environment.

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Using downlights rather than pendant or fluorescent fittings will mean you need to install more lights, resulting in higher energy use and running costs.

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Fluorescent lighting

Although CFLs are slightly more expensive to buy than incandescent bulbs, their longer life and lower energy usage make them less expensive over their lifetime.

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LED lighting

Although LEDs are relatively expensive to buy, good quality LEDS can last a long time – at least 25,000 hours.

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Replace halogen lights

Although halogen lights are available in either low voltage (12V) or 240V models, low voltage doesn't necessarily mean low energy use.

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