ResourceSmart Schools energy module

Last updated: 15 June 2021

Energy consumption is Victorian schools’ greatest impact on the environment.

Reducing energy consumption is the simplest way to reduce a school’s environmental impact. Schools seeking to improve their energy efficiency are encouraged to take a whole of school approach to sustainability.

The Energy module helps your school reduce energy use and save on bills. Schools work on energy conservation, energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gases and improving air quality.

The Energy module involves three key areas:

  1. Workplace/operational

    Complete a school energy use audit and create an energy plan to manage energy use in the school grounds through retrofitting, new technology and maintenance.

  2. Learning and teaching

    Explore curriculum activities that engage students in learning how to be more sustainable users of energy.

  3. Whole school community engagement

    Engage the whole school in energy smart behaviour and liaise with your community, government, energy networks and/or other schools.

If signing up and committing to the ResourceSmart Schools program it is recommended to start and complete the Core module first then proceed with other modules in any order or the same time. If not signing up to the program, schools can utilise the Energy resources to become more sustainable.

Module completion

The Energy module has 65 actions. To complete the module, schools need to complete a minimum of 26 actions.

ResourceSmart Schools Energy module resources

ResourceSmart Energy module checklist

24 August 2017 – A list of all actions to help each school through the ResourceSmart Schools program Energy module.

ResourceSmart Energy audit tools

The ResourceSmart Energy Audit Tool offers two options for schools to undertake their energy audit, basic or comprehensive.

Guidance on how to choose the right option for your school is contained within the ResourceSmart Schools Energy Audit Tool document.

If after reading the ResourceSmart Energy Audit Tool document your school decides to use the comprehensive audit option, please use ResourceSmart Schools Comprehensive Energy Audit Excel Tool to record the information.

ResourceSmart Energy: a 'how to' guide

18 July 2019 – A resource for improving energy efficiency in Victorian schools.

Curriculum links: Level F–6

18 July 2019 – Helping schools to build sustainability into their curriculum in all subject areas from foundation to grade six.

Additional Energy resources

  • Clean Energy CouncilClean Energy Council run student events for Clean Energy Week and Global Wind Day and provide resources for teachers and students.
  • Energy saving tips for Victorian schools – There are some simple ways to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced at schools that can help to save money on energy bills. Visit the Education website.

Energy Champions Challenge

Join the Challenge by becoming a ResourceSmart School and tracking your energy usage via our online system: comparing 2017 and 2018 electricity usage.

How to enter your bills

22 June 2018 – This guide will help you to get set up and ready to enter data for the ResourceSmart Schools Energy Champions challenge.

Want to know more? Get in touch with:

ResourceSmart Schools Education Team
Sustainability Victoria
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