Asbestos Disposal Management Plan

Last updated: 11 November 2021

Making asbestos disposal safer and easier for communities

Some Victorians currently find it inconvenient to dispose of asbestos, especially if they’re living in regional areas. As more landfills close, people will have to travel further to dispose of asbestos safely. One of the aims in Recycling Victoria, a 10-year plan for waste and recycling, is to ensure that there are adequate disposal points for asbestos across the state.

The plan was created after research and consultation with local governments, landfill operators and other government agencies.


The Asbestos Disposal Management Plan looks at developing a network of existing licensed landfills and new asbestos transfer sites.

Asbestos transfer sites will be located at existing waste facilities or other suitable locations. They will provide short-term storage and consolidation of small quantities of packaged asbestos before it is transported to licensed landfills for disposal.

These sites will be chosen based on geographical needs over the next 10 years. This will be done in consultation with:

  • local government
  • private facility owners or operators
  • Environment Protection Authority Victoria
  • Waste and Resource Recovery Groups.

We will also work with councils to engage communities located close to potential sites.

More information

Asbestos Disposal Management Plan

Updated: August 2021

This contains full details of the plan launched in February 2021.

Asbestos Disposal Management Plan - Factsheet

Find out the key points of the plan.

Next steps

Phase 1
Asbestos Disposal Management Plan released.

Phase 2
System design and consultation.

Phase 3
Pilot program launched.

Phase 4
Grants and support program for priority sites.

Phase 5
Asbestos disposal network established.

Working with you

We will be:

  • working with stakeholders to identify new sites and address potential barriers to expanding the system
  • providing funding to support developing infrastructure at proposed sites
  • developing guidance, standards, training and communication materials to enable best practices and safe management of asbestos.

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If you have asbestos in your home, see the Victorian Government’s Asbestos in Victoria website.