Rock Posters: 2022 Winner – Waste and litter reduction

Last updated: 9 December 2022
group of adults standing on a black stage with a large projector screen with a woman's face on it behind them Rock Posters is the Industry Leader award winner in the Premier's Sustainability Awards 2022 – Waste and litter reduction category.

Rock Posters has been creating street posters for the arts and entertainment sector since 1986. Over the past two years, the Victorian-owned and operated company has been experimenting with paper and ink to decrease landfill waste, reduce emissions and help educate clients about their 100 per cent recycled carbon neutral Green Paper.

This product uses post-consumer waste, which is re-made into paper and then sheeted specifically to fit the Rock Posters printer using vegetable-based inks.

Overall, the project has offset 10 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, enabled up to 5 tonnes of local office paper to be recycled, saved the equivalent of 14 tonnes of carbon dioxide landfill emissions, and converted almost 9 tonnes of wastepaper into nearly 5 tonnes of Green Paper.

Rock Posters was inspired by artists like Midnight Oil and Paul Kelly to provide the creative and events community with a greener alternative when promoting their work, reducing carbon emissions, one poster at a time.

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