Fungi Solutions: 2022 Winner – Premier's Recognition Award

Last updated: 20 September 2022
crinkled brown paper backdrop with a wine bottle in a mushroom-based box, and an empty wine glass on a white block Fungi Solutions is the winner of the 2022 Premier's Recognition Award.

Each year, 6.9 million tonnes of organic waste is sent to landfill in Australia. Fungi Solutions is here to make a change, diverting resources from landfill and reimagining waste to regenerate the earth.

The biotech start-up uses fungi to recycle and transform organic waste into sustainable circular packaging solutions. After use, the mushroom-based packaging can be returned to the earth in the form of compost, improving soil health. Through their growing community network, Fungi Solutions also connects local waste producers with local businesses looking for sustainable packaging solutions.

So far, Fungi Solutions has rescued 888kg of local waste, capturing 2,250kg of carbon and generating additional revenue streams for local producers.