Euroa Arboretum: 2022 Winner – Premier's Regional Recognition Award

Last updated: 20 September 2022
arboretum with assorted green grasses, yellow flowers and a log in the foreground, and tress in the distance Euroa Arboretum is the winner of the 2022 Premier's Regional Recognition Award.

The Euroa Arboretum was little more than a degraded paddock when a team of volunteers took on the challenge of restoring it to its pre-colonial state as a grassy woodland. Now, the thriving green space is home to 60 different grasses, daisies, lilies and peas, as well as insects, birds, reptiles and gliders.

The restoration efforts have been embraced by the community, from 5-year-olds at bush kinder assisting with seed collection and butterfly studies, to faithful volunteers who enjoy collecting, cleaning and then sowing seed back into the site.

Taungurung Traditional Owners also play an important role in this project, working collaboratively with the community to manage the restoration of the grassland.