City of Greater Geelong: 2022 Finalist – Waste and litter reduction

Last updated: 4 August 2022
man in green shirt in front of a house with a grey picket fence is holding a yellow recycling bag and pouring the contents into a large forest green bin The City of Greater Geelong is a finalist for an Industry Leader award in the Premier's Sustainability Awards 2022 – Waste and litter reduction category.

The City of Greater Geelong has embarked on an intensive bin inspection program to cut contamination in kerbside recycling bins and combat community confusion.

Over 7 months, teams examined an unprecedented 291,377 recycling bins across Greater Geelong, covering virtually every household in the municipality. The project resulted in a significant and enduring fall in contamination rates, saving tonnes of recycling from landfill.

Just as importantly, the project also provided a new baseline of data about the community that is still being deployed in the team’s community education and engagement efforts today.

Waste and litter reduction 2022 finalists