St Monica's College, Epping: 2021 Finalist – Healthy environment

Last updated: 4 November 2021
group of students wearing blue and gold working in wetlands St Monica's College, Epping is a finalist for a Community Champion award in the Premier's Sustainability Awards 2021 – Healthy environment category.

Wetlands Revegetation

A student-led revegetation initiative at St Monica's College, Epping sought to increase biodiversity within the schools' wetlands and educate students on the importance of biodiverse ecosystems.

Students met once a day to undertake various activities at the wetlands. This included removing weeds which, when safe, were fed to school chickens or composted, controlling pest mosquito fish populations,and planting indigenous plants.

Students were educated on the effects of certain plants and developed action plans to empower them to take ownership of areas of wetlands that interested them.

Healthy environment 2021 finalists