RMIT University and Language Loop: 2021 Finalist – Social and economic justice

Last updated: 27 October 2021
classroom of university students with professor at the front and computer screen projected on the wall RMIT University and Language Loop is a finalist for an Industry Leader award in the Premier's Sustainability Awards 2021 – Social and economic justice category.

Mentoring Interpreters of New and Emerging Languages

RMIT University and Language Loop created a simple but impactful initiative designed to mentor interpreters of new and emerging languages within the Victorian court and tribunal system.

The project aimed to promote the fair administration of justice for all Victorians and included a free 12 hour training module for interpreters of new and emerging languages.

This mentorship program has helped countless Victorians attain their basic right to a fair legal system. This is achieved through access to better-informed interpreters within the state’s justice system.

Social and economic justice 2021 finalists