HoMie: 2021 Finalist – Waste reduction and the circular economy

Last updated: 15 October 2021
three young women posing in upcycled clothing. The woman on the left is wearing a black hat, the one in the middle is wearing a black mask and the woman on the right has blonde hair and a teal jumper. HoMie is a finalist for an Industry Leader award in the Premier's Sustainability Awards 2021 – Waste reduction and the circular economy category.


REBORN by HoMie produce unique upcycled garments made from clothing and materials otherwise destined for landfill, to address the fashion industry’s contribution towards climate change.

100 per cent of the initiative's profits go to supporting young people (aged 16-25) affected by homelessness or hardship. Over the past year, REBORN has upcycled almost 1,200 garments, otherwise destined for landfill, producing 775 upcycled pieces.

Waste reduction and the circular economy 2021 finalists