Australian Ecosystems: 2021 Finalist – Waste Reduction and the circular economy

Last updated: 15 October 2021
woman sitting in an audience holding reusable black nursery tray with woman wearing sunglasses and a pink and grey striped shirt looking at the tray Australian Ecosystems is a finalist for an Industry Leader award in the Premier's Sustainability Awards 2021 – Waste Reduction and the circular economy category.

Recyclable & Reusable Nursery Trays

Australian Ecosystems are a vertically integrated landscaping company approaching the problem of waste through a combined reuse and recycling program.

Australian Ecosystems have created a circular-economy solution to the horticultural plastic waste problem, replacing almost all single-use plastic pots at their nursery with unique durable, reusable multi-plant trays. Australian Ecosystems estimate that in 2020, over 2 million single-use individual plastic pots were diverted from landfill as a result.

Waste reduction and the circular economy 2021 finalists