Alex Fraser: 2020 Winner – Large Business

Last updated: 14 September 2022
Alex Fraser is the winner in the Premier's Sustainability Awards 2020 – Large Business.

Laverton's Sustainable Supply Hub

Established in 2019, Alex Fraser’s Sustainable Supply Hub (The Hub) recovers diverse, high volume, priority waste streams to recycle high quality end products needed for infrastructure development.

The Hub is one of the world’s largest recycling facilities, producing over 1,000,000 tonnes of material annually, to provide the construction industry with sustainable alternatives to depleting earth resources. It markedly reduces landfill, carbon emissions and the need for transport and extraction. The Hub incorporates an integrated HRT (High Recycled Technology) asphalt plant, an innovative glass recycling plant and a construction and demolition recycling plant.

Recovered glass, asphalt, brick and concrete are recycled at The Hub to make new asphalt, road base and sand for civil construction. The glass recycling plant produces 800 tonnes of construction sand per day. It supplies the asphalt plant, producing up to 500,000 tonnes of recycled asphalt per year.

The Hub’s annual environmental outcomes include 200,000 tonnes of glass waste recycled into sand, saving 1 million kg of CO2, and 390,000 tonnes of high recycled asphalt, saving 3.3 million kg of CO2. The Hub has established strong end-markets with an urgent demand for recycled products.

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