Deakin University – Blue Carbon Lab: 2020 Winner – Education

Last updated: 14 September 2022
Deakin University – Blue Carbon Lab is the winner in the Premier's Sustainability Awards 2020 – Education category.

#BlueCarbonArmy: Education by immersive wetland citizen science

The HSBC Blue Carbon Citizen Program – funded by HSBC, Deakin University and Earthwatch – empowers leaders to build a sustainable future and value Australia's coastal ecosystems. The program has educated more than 300 corporate executives (#BlueCarbonArmy) from HSBC and industry partners on climate change science and research.

By swapping suits for gumboots and providing an immersive experience into coastal wetland research, the #BlueCarbonArmy connects executives with nature – leading to scientifically-documented sustainable behaviours. The program was designed as a full-day immersive experience combining educational talks, discussions and research activities on local wetlands.

The active engagement of the participants in coastal research was designed to build scientific trust and generate key data to advance nature-based climate solutions in Victoria.

HSBC staff manage $100 billion in sustainable finance and recognised the crucial importance of environmental consideration when making corporate decisions. By educating Australia’s high-level executives in climate change literacy, this program facilitated sustainable changes within organisations and empowered financial decisions that lead to a greener future.

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