Food and garden waste

Christmas tree in an open plan casual living room in a contemporary home

Christmas trees

With a little bit of thought, you can have a sustainably happy Christmas.

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Close-up of fruit and vegetable scraps


Turn your food scraps into something of value.

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Overhead view of cooking scraps on a timber surface

Food waste

When we waste food, we also waste the water, soil and energy used to grow it and the resources and energy used to process, package and transport the food.

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Close-up of blue-gloved hands carrying a pair of seceteurs and pruned branches

Garden waste

Keep your garden waste out of landfill and put it to good use.

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Detox your Home logo over a photo of discarded plastic bottles

Detox your home

Rid your home of dangerous and toxic waste responsibly, with the free Detox your home program.

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Panorama of Yarra Glen amongst green fields of the Yarra Valley

Council waste and recycling

Household paint, batteries and fluorescent lights can be dropped off for free. Check with your local council for details.

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