ResourceSmart schools logoEvery day, thousands of Victorian students are learning how to live more sustainability and take action on climate change through ResourceSmart Schools.

ResourceSmart Schools is a Victorian Government program that helps schools benefit from embedding sustainability in everything they do, and take action on climate change. Is your school involved? Get involved by registering  your interest via ResourceSmart Schools Online.


About ResourceSmart Schools

ResourceSmart Schools helps teachers, school administrators and parents embed sustainability into everything they do: school operations, curriculum and community engagement. ResourceSmart Schools is a Banksia Sustainability Award winning program, which took out the national ‘Education for Sustainability’ category award in November 2015. Find out more about ResourceSmart School's achievements here.

The Victorian Government committed $1 million to continue the delivery of ResourceSmart Schools in 2015-16. In the 2016 State Budget the Victorian Government committed to the delivery of ResourceSmart Schools across Victoria in 2016-17. ResourceSmart Schools is a key component of the Victorian Government’s commitment to help all Victorian’s take action on climate change. This commitment enables regional delivery partners and networks to continue to support schools to reduce energy, waste and water usage, and to better understand and take action on climate change. In 2015 ResourceSmart Schools saved $3.8 million by reducing their energy and water consumption, and by generating less waste - and the savings continue to be counted!

ResourceSmart Schools is managed by Sustainability Victoria and delivered via a network of local environmental educators and agencies operating across Victoria including CERES, Gippsland Regional Waste and Resource Recovery Group, Goulbourn Valley Water, Grampians Regional Waste and Resource Recovery Group, Loddon Mallee Waste and Resource Recovery Group, Sense of Place Sustainability Consultancy and Environmental Education Victoria (EEV).

Support and benefits

ResourceSmart Schools has five modules to help your school track its sustainability journey and identify savings made. Core is the foundation module to be completed first. You can complete the other four modules – energy, waste, water and biodiversity – in any order, or even at the same time. With over 200 actions across five modules ResourceSmart Schools helps you make the small steps required to get huge results for your school.

To recognise the hard work and performance of ResourceSmart schools, Sustainability Certification provides a platform for schools to reach for the stars – from 1 to 5 stars, with 5Star as the ultimate achievement! ResourceSmart Schools also rewards all Victorian schools through the ResourceSmart Schools Awards.

There is also a network of regional sustainability experts and professional development opportunities to support your ResourceSmart journey.


Sustainability Certification - Modules and Stars

Module completion

Star progression

Complete one of five modules (core, biodiversity, energy, waste, water) and receive a certificate valid for three years. To complete a module, schools must complete a set number of actions. To progress through Sustainability Certification schools must complete more actions and more modules.

Meet requirements for 1 to 5 Stars to recognise a school’s progress. Stars are valid forfour years. Star progression shows that a school has completed modules, continues to demonstrate and track progress, and meets and maintains specific benchmarks over time.

The next Star Certification - 26 August 2016. This is only for Star Certification as Module Certification is now automatically completed when submitted by the assessor.


ResourceSmart Schools Online

There are two components to ResourceSmart Online – a public site and a secure site. The public site is designed for the whole Victorian school community to use – principals, teachers, students, parents, education for sustainability providers, business managers, school boards/councils and government.

The secure site provides ResourceSmart schools with an online account to manage schools environmental data, track improvements (and therefore savings) over time, participate in Sustainability Certification to gain formal recognition for their achievements, and share information, tools, curriculum and resources.


Schools stories

Share your schools stories with us on ResourceSmart Schools Online, on Twitter or by entering the ResourceSmart Schools Awards. Sustainability Victoria has conducted research on the program including a collation of school's most significant change stories.



We have a range of resources to assist schools commencing and progressing through ResourceSmart Schools, including Guidelines, Checklists and teaching resources.

Go to our Education Resources page for the latest resources including 'how to' guides and Curriculum Links documents. More resources will shortly be available on ResourceSmart Schools Online.


Get in touch

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Banksia Sustainability Awards 2015 category winner seal

ResourceSmart Schools is a Banksia Sustainability Award winning program. ResourceSmart Schools took out the national ‘Education for Sustainability’ category award in November 2015. Read more...

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