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Harnessing the power of organic waste
11 June 2021
Western Water’s waste to energy facility in Melton has upgraded to treat liquid food waste and covert it into biogas.
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Better social housing protects the vulnerable and the environment
11 June 2021
Sustainability Victoria and SJD Homes worked together with Women's Property Initiatives to design and build 6 energy-efficient townhouses for vulnerable women in Melbourne’s east.
New Chairperson for Sustainability Victoria
09 June 2021
Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio has appointed Johan Scheffer as the new Chairperson of Sustainability Victoria for a five-year period.
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Selling sustainability in the home builder market
08 June 2021
Selling sustainability is difficult and often complex, with builders and developers convinced that home buyers do not want to pay extra for sustainable homes.
Funding available for innovative improvements to recycled organics
01 June 2021
New funding launched to address the expanding growth of the Victorian organics industry.
Rebates and training to build 7-star homes
28 May 2021
As part of the 7 Star Homes program, rebates of $4,000 per home built and a range of training opportunities are now available to successful applicants.
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7-Star Feature Home: 2 Sunlight Avenue, Cape Patterson
26 May 2021
Sustainability Victoria recently collaborated with SJD Homes to deliver what could only be described as a modern-day eco-ranch, with a twist.
Victoria is going circular
10 May 2021
On behalf of the Victorian Government, Sustainability Victoria is partnering with industries, businesses, governments and communities to make the circular economy a reality in Victoria.
New funding to increase Victoria’s recycling capacity and capability
25 March 2021
New funding will support Victoria’s transition to a circular economy by partnering with organisations to deliver new and upgraded recycling infrastructure and increase Victoria’s capacity and capability to recover high quality materials.