Last updated: 15 December 2021

Celebrating TAKE2’s achievements

Now is an exciting time for climate action in Victoria.

The Victorian Government has set interim emissions reduction targets and shaped emissions sector strategies as part of its new Climate Change Strategy.

This means changes for TAKE2.

The TAKE2 program was designed to run until January 2021 and has now concluded. However, opportunities for climate action and to engage with us continue.

Since 2016, TAKE2 members have played a significant role in generating momentum on climate action in Victoria, with more than:

  • 12,000 Victorian households and 1,200 organisations pledging to play their part, and
  • 120,000 climate actions pledged across Victorian homes, councils, businesses, universities, schools, and community organisations.

This means that if every TAKE2 member addresses their carbon footprint, Victoria’s emissions will be cut by 20%.

Victoria’s Climate Change Strategy

After a year of uncertainty and upheaval, Victoria’s Climate Change Strategy reflects renewed ambition and global momentum for urgent action on climate change.

The strategy is a roadmap to net-zero emissions and a climate-resilient Victoria by 2050. It builds on the Climate Change Act 2017, which cements our net-zero emissions goal in law, establishes a comprehensive framework for action, and plans for adapting to our changing climate.

It also focuses on supporting communities and businesses to take actions that reduce the impacts of climate change, while creating jobs, stimulating innovation, and cutting costs for all Victorians.

The strategy sets ambitious but achievable targets to reduce emissions from 2005 levels by 28 to 33% by 2025, and 45 to 50% by 2030.

To achieve these emissions reduction targets, it includes actions to:
  • Transition our state to a clean energy future that will create jobs, cut costs for households and businesses, and strengthen our energy system.
  • Invest in innovative technologies, such as zero-emission vehicles and hydrogen, and partner with businesses and communities to set Victoria up for their adoption.
  • Recognise and safeguard the role of our natural environment in reducing emissions, and ensure our farmers are well placed to embrace new technologies and practices that reduce emissions.
  • Support Victorian businesses and communities to cut emissions and thrive in a net-zero emissions future.

Read Victoria’s Climate Change Strategy

Stay engaged in climate action

Following the release of Victoria’s Climate Change Strategy, we’re entering a new chapter of climate action. Opportunities for climate action and to engage with us will continue.

We invite you to stay with us in collectively taking action and continuing our momentum on the pathway to zero emissions by 2050.

You can stay engaged in several ways:

Member achievements

A great way to celebrate and remember TAKE2 is by sharing some of our members’ achievements.

Initiatives, groups, and projects

The TAKE2 Community Transition Program has supported a range of projects, including a 10-year masterplan for the Hepburn Shire Community to reach 100% renewable electricity supply, zero-net energy and zero-net emissions by 2029.

Learn more about the 10-year masterplan for the Hepburn Shire Community

An initial Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA) was established with Bank Australia, National Australia Bank (NAB), Australia Post, Citywide, Moreland City Council, City of Yarra, City of Port Phillip, City of Melbourne, RMIT University, the University of Melbourne, Zoos Victoria and Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. The success of this first PPA led to a second, which includes RMIT University, Deakin University, Cbus Property, ISPT Property, Fulton Hogan, Citywide Asphalt, and Mondelez International.

Read more about Melbourne Renewable Energy Projects 1 and 2

Supporting large-scale renewable projects

  • Telstra, ANZ, Coca-Cola Amatil and the University of Melbourne have entered long-term agreements to buy power from the Murra Warra wind farm near Horsham.
  • Led by NAB, a 9-member syndicate is funding a new 530-megawatt Stockyard Hill project, west of Ballarat.

Achieving milestones and setting strong targets

  • Bank Australia is the first Australian bank to switch to 100% renewable electricity, which was achieved one year ahead of its 2020 target.
  • Strathbogie Shire Council is working towards a zero-carbon transformation by 2030.