Victorians' perceptions of climate change

The majority of Victorians are optimistic about making a positive difference on climate change and are willing to play their part.

This is evidenced in the Victorians’ Perceptions of Climate Change report – which provides the most comprehensive picture yet of climate change related attitudes, beliefs, expectations and behaviours held by different demographic groups across the state.

The research employed independent expertise and robust survey methods to ensure reliable results that accurately reflect the views of the Victorian population as whole.

The data is based on telephone interviews conducted with 3330 Victorians aged 15 years and over. The sample was stratified to ensure representation across the state with a minimum of 200 interviews conducted per region.

Visualising the report

You can view specific data from the report in visual form with the links below.

For each section, the overall state-level finding is displayed. If you are interested in seeing results for a particular region, go to the map and click on the region of interest. The data will recalibrate and display the findings for that region only.

Minor anomalies may exist from the published report and the visualisation due to rounding errors.

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Cover - Victorians Perceptions of Climate Change

Victorians' perceptions of climate change report

A statewide survey, with the aim of gaining baseline quantitative data on Victorian residents’ attitudes, beliefs and behaviours in relation to climate change.

Infographic map of Victoria

Victorians' perceptions of Climate Change – Key findings presentation

An overview of the key findings from SV's statewide survey to collect baseline quantitative data on Victorian residents’ attitudes, beliefs and behaviours in relation to climate change.

Regional reporting

Sustainability Victoria has compiled reports for each of nine regional groupings, which were taken from the Regional Development Victoria classification. Each regional report provides a descriptive analysis of results for that specific region, and compares the regional results to overall state results for Victoria

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