Part 3: Measure savings and share success

Last updated: 9 February 2021

1. Do the food waste review again

Once your action plan has been implemented, repeat your food waste review. This will help you to measure the success of your actions to reduce waste.

For the best comparison, repeat the review over the same days of the week as you did before.

2. Compare the results from both reviews

If you have made huge improvements – congratulations! Celebrating these results with your team can keep morale high. They will feel encouraged to keep up the good work.

Do you see other opportunities? What other changes can you make to continue increasing your savings?

3. Request for your certificate of completion

Share your feedback in this short survey, and request for a certificate to show that your business was a part of this program.

4. What to do with food waste that cannot be prevented?

For food waste that cannot be prevented or reduced, it is better to donate or recycle it (than to send to landfill).

What you can do with it depends on your business type, location, size and other factors.

Some ways to make use of your food waste

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