Corner Hotel removes single-use straws

Last updated: 30 June 2022
rooftop patio with diners along the left and a bar with employee working on the right Customers adapted to the change after a few months and stopped requesting straws.

In 2017, the Corner Hotel in Richmond set itself a challenge to reduce single-use waste and signed up for Plastic Free July. Plastic straws became the focus of their campaign.

The Corner cancelled all orders of plastic straws in the final week of June and removed straws from behind all 5 counters, as well as any promotional imagery that pictured drinks with straws. A small number of flexible straws remained available for customers with disability.

After the first weekend, the Corner stopped adding a plastic straw to beverages – a decision the business has stood by for 5 years.

Customer feedback

Initially, the business received mixed feedback – some customers congratulated the staff and venue, while other customers wanted further information on the decision to remove plastic straws.

The business’s consistent response and approach meant customers adapted to the change after a few months and stopped requesting straws. Staff say that customers understand that reducing plastic is a movement that is gaining momentum, and that the planet was better for it.

The impact

The Corner estimates it has saved 3,000,000 plastic single use straws from landfill and 1,200 hours of paid labour cleaning up plastic-straw litter. The business has also reduced their contribution to emissions from the production, packaging and delivery of straws each week.

What’s next?

The Corner is a proud supporter of Green Music Australia, has installed solar panels, changed their menu to include more locally produced food and beverages, introduced four streams of recycling, and swapped all light bulbs to LED.

The Corner is now working towards a Green Action Plan to set goals for further waste reduction and carbon offset projects.

For more information, visit Corner Hotel.