Dispose of paint

Last updated: 5 August 2021

Why recycle paint?

Dispose of paint appropriately to:

  • reduce the risk of fire from flammable, solvent-based paints
  • keep our waterways clean
  • divert it from landfill
  • increase recovery of valuable resources.

Where to dispose of paint

Take your unwanted household paint to your nearest Paintback collection site, all year round.

These are often located at council depots and transfer stations across the state.

Paintback also accepts trade waste paint.

Find your nearest Paintback collection site.

What happens to waste paint and packaging

Collected paint is transported to a specialised waste treatment facility where it is sorted into water based and solvent based paints for further processing.

Solvent based paint is used for energy recovery.

Packaging is recycled with a very small portion of contaminants going to landfill.

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