Take the Love a List Challenge

Last updated: 11 March 2021

Take the challenge, see the difference

The average Victorian home throws away almost $2,200 of food every year.

Reducing food waste is an opportunity to save money, time and fight climate change.

Love a List is a challenge that guides you to reduce the amount of food and money that goes to waste in your home.


Why join

Save money

Throughout the challenge, you’ll save money by learning how to:

• make the most of what you have

• buy only what you need

• throw less away.

Save time

Free more time in your schedule by planning your meals once, shopping once and having all you need to eat for the week.

You’ll also avoid the “what’s for dinner” question.

Fight climate change

Rotting food in landfill creates harmful greenhouse gases. When you save food from waste with better planning, you help fight climate change.

What’s included

This is a four-week challenge.

Each week you’ll complete three steps:

1. Meal plan

2. Write a list and shop to it

3. Eat what you’ve bought

You’ll also get access to our resource hub including:

• meal plan and shopping list templates

• extra tips and meal inspiration to help you save even more

• storage guides to help you keep food fresh

• a challenge tracker to help you see how much you’re saving.

Take the Love a List Challenge

Join other Victorians who have saved

Over the past two years, the Love a List Challenge has empowered thousands of Victorians to save.

Saving over $2,600 a year

The Pinkard-Rattle family went from wasting $51.24 a week worth of food to absolutely nothing, zip, zero! That's over $2,600 a year saved from the bin.

Tegan and Andrew live in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne with their two young kids. They relished the chance to take control of their mealtimes and their shopping budget.

After a few missed items and some last-minute trips to the shops in the first week, the family soon got used to their new habits – sticking firmly to their list and using up every bit of edible food each week.

Even Andrew's workmates were impressed with his leftover lunches.

The Pinkard-Rattle family

Saving about $2,000 a year

The Wood family went from throwing away $45.55 a week worth of food to just $7.20. That's $1,994.20 in savings on their grocery bill every year – or $38.35 saved every week!

As a family of seven, keeping everyone fed and happy is a big job.

Mum – Mandy – found by planning meals each week with the whole family, everyone got a say in what was for dinner. This took the pressure off her to come up with nightly menus.

Mandy was less stressed and there was less whining from the kids.

By sticking to a list, buying only what was needed and avoiding impulse buys, the Woods found they saved money and reduced waste.

The Wood family