Victorians are already great recyclers, but we can always do better.

Wheelie bins waiting for collection on a suburban street

Victorians are keen recyclers. Over the last 30 years recycling has become embedded as a key service that Victorians use and expect.

The recycling sector is also an important part of Victoria’s economy, adding value and creating jobs.

In early 2018, China introduced new trade measures that impose strict quality standards on the import of low quality mixed recyclable materials, including plastic, paper and cardboard.

Previously China received over half of the world’s recyclable materials, and while we process most of our own recyclable materials here in Victoria, we are still affected by changes to global commodity markets.

Victorian Government recycling industry response and next steps

In July 2018, the Victorian Government released a $37million Recycling Industry Strategic Plan that sets out the pathway to a safe, resilient and efficient recycling system in Victoria.

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More information about the Victorian Government’s recycling industry response

Key milestone Anticipated date Completed

Victorian Government announced $13 million package for councils and industry to support the ongoing kerbside collection of household recyclable waste.

Victorian Government established the Recycling Markets Taskforce with the purpose of developing a plan to stabilise the state’s recycling industry.

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February 2018

Australian Environment Ministers met to ensure long-term sustainability of Australia’s recycling system.


  • States agreed to work with the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation towards its target of making 100% of Australian packaging recyclable, compostable or reusable by 2025 or earlier.
  • States agreed to collaborate on actions that will increase our capacity to locally reprocess recovered materials, drive demand for recycled products and update the National Waste Policy by the end of 2018.
June 2018
Victorian Government released a $37million Recycling Industry Strategic Plan July 2018

Victorian Government (including department and agencies) prepares to implement Recycling Industry Strategic Plan which will involve, for example:

  • development of a statewide education campaign
  • more recycling infrastructure funding
  • further market development activities and funding.
Beyond July 2018 In progress

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