The Victorian Government announces consultation on a new Waste Authority

Published: 14 September 2020

Statement by Vicky Darling, Interim Chair, Sustainability Victoria, on the Victorian Government’s announcement to commence public consultation on an Options Paper for Waste and Recycling legislation and governance.

Sustainability Victoria (SV) welcomes the announcement by the Victorian Government of proposed new waste legislation and a proposed model for a new Waste Authority.

As outlined in the Recycling Victoria policy, transformation of the waste and resource recovery sector is needed to deliver an effective and resilient system that will benefit all Victorians. Options for new legislation and new governance arrangements is a critical part of this reform.

We encourage and welcome feedback and look forward to hearing views from across the sector and wider community during the forthcoming consultation and engagement process that will inform the final governance model of the new Authority.

Sustainability Victoria envisages a strong model of collaboration and partnership with the new Authority, with improved transparency and better outcomes for Victoria.

As a delivery agency of the Victoria Government with strong networks across the waste and recycling industry and the communities of Victoria, Sustainability Victoria has a significant role in delivering the ambitious policy outcomes in Recycling Victoria by partnering with businesses, Local Governments, community organisations and householders, including:

  • As a partner for innovation – with the Circular Economy Business Innovation Centre and Markets Acceleration package to engage academia, start-ups, industry – translating new ideas into business investment, end markets and jobs.
  • As a partner with incentives – with the Recycling Victoria Infrastructure Fund, Sustainable Infrastructure Fund, Buy Recycled directory and Recycled First, together with Council, business and community grants.
  • As a partner for behaviour change – with delivery of a comprehensive multi-year state-wide campaign informed by behavioural insights, data and experience.

SV is committed to supporting state-wide outcomes, standing us in good stead to provide good governance and advice. Over the past 10 years, SV has delivered significant reforms such as:

Our collaborative approach with stakeholders is key to delivering on our commitments. The success of our programs is testament to our established relationships across the state, including rural and regional Victoria.

Sustainability Victoria will continue to collaborate and engage in the transformation and reform of the waste and recycling sector to see the Recycling Victoria vision implemented for the benefit of all Victorians.

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