Infrastructure investments to recycle Victoria's hazardous waste

Published: 9 January 2021

Victorian Government invests $1.3 million to improve the recycling of hazardous waste (solvents).

Sustainability Victoria, on behalf of the Victorian Government, has awarded $1.3 million in funding to environmental services company, Remondis Australia, for a new processing plant to recycle hazardous waste solvents. The facility, located in Dandenong, will play an important role in protecting Victorians’ health and environment.

The plant will be capable of processing 9600 tonnes of solvent containing wastes per year, producing 1600 tonnes of recycled solvents. The project will create 8.5 permanent jobs and 19 short-term roles.

Read about the project and fund on our hazardous waste (solvents) grants page.

Environmental benefits of recycling solvents

Solvents are chemical substances used to dissolve or dilute other substances or materials. Found in a wide range of products such as paints and cleaning products, they are used in industries such as manufacturing.

Solvents are a hazardous waste and recycling them properly can protect both our health and environment.

The recycling process involves distilling solvents or breaking them down into their component parts for reuse. This is a valuable way of recycling waste and helping to create a circular economy. Additionally, recycling can help reduce:

  • waste transportation and the emissions from this transportation
  • the need for virgin materials.

If not recycled, solvents can be used as an alternative fuel for industrial purposes.

Victoria’s transition to a circular economy

In February 2020, the Victorian Government released the Recycling Victoria policy, a 10-year, $300 million investment to transform our recycling sector, reduce waste, create jobs and set up Victoria for a more sustainable future.

The grant forms part of the Recycling Victoria Infrastructure Fund (RVIF) facilitated by Sustainability Victoria.

As part of this fund, $11.5 million in government grants is committed to tackle Victoria’s hazardous wastes solvents and maximise their recycling potential.

The full RVIF, worth $56.8 million, will strengthen the sector by:

  • increasing local recovery and reprocessing of priority materials and hazardous waste
  • building local industries and creating jobs
  • reducing the amount and environmental impact of waste going to landfill
  • increasing the use and market demand of recovered materials in remanufacturing
  • increasing the use of recycled content to make new products.

Read about Victoria’s circular economy policy, Recycling Victoria.