Invest in materials and infrastructure

Last updated: 4 June 2021

Victoria’s dynamic waste and resource recovery sector is full of opportunities for investment. Victoria generates substantial waste streams that are available for reprocessing into commercially viable products for reuse as raw material.

Invest in specific materials

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Waste streams data

Victoria’s waste streams can be broadly split into 3 main categories:

  • Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), including waste from households and councils
  • Commercial and Industrial (C&I)
  • Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste
Waste generation sector breakdown
Waste generation by tonnes (2020-2021)
Sector Tonnes
Commercial and Industrial 4,826,593
Construction and Demolition 6,903,221
Municipal 3,017,846
Recovered and generated total material waste
Projected total material waste in Victoria
Heading spacer
Recovered amount Total generation
2018-2019, 2019-2020, 2020-2021, 2021-2022, 2022-2023, 2023-2024, 2024-2025, 2025-2026, 2026-2027, 2027-2028, 2028-2029 10,765,300 15,333,069

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