Why invest in Victoria’s resource recovery industry

Last updated: 6 October 2021

The amount of waste Victorians generate is forecast to grow. We need further investment in a number of key materials to increase resource recovery and recycling infrastructure capacity. Investment will help us to:

Key reasons to invest in Victoria

Government commitment to expand Victoria’s recycling industry

Significant industry support with more than $125 million in grants underway

  • We have committed more than $300 million to support industry investment including more than $125 million in grants available to industry
  • Read about our grants and programs.

Stimulated markets ready for investment

A reliable waste and recycling system

  • A new state waste act and authority will ensure high-quality, reliable waste and recycling services, while keeping the industry and market stable
  • Read about the Waste Act and Authority.

Reduced landfill demand to increase material recovery rates

  • Material recovery rates are set to increase due to the doubling of the landfill levy in 3 years and no planned construction of any further landfills
  • Read about Victoria’s landfill levy increase.

New recycling schemes for improved quality of feedstock

Home of Australia’s fastest growing city

  • Melbourne is expected to be Australia’s largest city by 2031, increasing the need for appropriate local reprocessing infrastructure
  • Consistently rates as one of the world’s most liveable cities
  • Read about Melbourne’s high liveability.

World-class infrastructure

  • Growing road and rail links and Australasia’s best connected and largest port
  • 2 curfew-free international airports and uniquely placed to service Asia Pacific, the world's fastest growing economic region
  • Read about Victoria’s leading infrastructure.

Australia’s home of manufacturing

  • Home to the largest number of manufacturing employees
  • The highest level of business expenditure in manufacturing research and development in the country
  • Read more about Victoria's manufacturing sector.

Leading Australia’s research, innovation and education

  • Victoria boasts world-leading research capabilities and is home to 10 leading universities with 7 ranked in the world’s top 500
  • Home to the largest number of qualified engineering graduates in Australia
  • Read more about Research and Innovation.

Understand the Victorian waste and recycling landscape

A National Waste Policy released in 2018 provides a national framework for waste and resource recovery in Australia. In August 2019, the Australian Government and all state and territory governments committed to ban the export of waste glass, paper, cardboard, plastic and tyres.

Recycling Victoria is ensuring local infrastructure and markets are supporting the ban and safely managing materials in Victoria. Recycling Victoria builds on many years of work by the Victorian Government to improve waste management and increase recycling in Victoria.

As part of the policy, the Victorian Government committed to developing a new waste and recycling act and establishing a waste authority by 2021. The new Act and authority will provide the Victorian Government with a system-wide view that will allow it to more effectively oversee the waste and recycling sector, including predicting and responding to future market shocks.

Victoria led the nation in 2015 by launching Australia’s first 30-year plan for waste and recycling infrastructure and leads collaborative waste and recycling services procurement across local councils. The Victorian Government has also banned single-use plastic bags and the disposal of e-waste in landfill.

Roles and responsibilities

Australian Government: Oversees national waste policy. Administers product stewardship legislation and schemes.

Victorian Government: Sets strategic policy direction, makes laws and regulates waste management. The Victorian Government's Waste and Resource Recovery portfolio agencies are made up of the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, Environment Protection Authority Victoria, Sustainability Victoria and the seven Waste and Resource Recovery Groups.

Local Government: Delivers waste and recycling services to households and some businesses. Some local governments own and operate waste management infrastructure.

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