Research and innovation capabilities in Victoria

Last updated: 29 May 2023

Victoria is a global leader in research and innovation. We are home to many of Australia’s most important research institutions, with capabilities that are unique in the Asia Pacific region.

Six of the world’s best universities are based in Victoria, 2 ranked in the global top 100. Our research performance and expertise is at or above world standard in over 96 disciplines in the Excellence in Research Australia (ERA) rankings.

Our universities are globally recognised for their strong culture of collaboration between industry and government – both locally throughout Australia and internationally. The City of Melbourne has one of the highest numbers of inner-city research collaborations in the world.

Through our Materials Acceleration Program and Circular Economy Business Innovation Centre, we support a vibrant research and development sector and assist research institutes to partner with industry to develop new uses for recycled priority materials.

Many of our universities have specific capabilities that can support the recycling sector in Victoria, such as Deakin University's Circular Economy Initiative, Swinburne’s Manufacturing Futures Research Institute, and RMIT University-led Industrial Transformation Research Hub.

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