Recycling investment case studies

Last updated: 26 August 2022

Video case studies

Victorian businesses are re-envisioning waste’s potential through innovation, product development and new infrastructure solutions. They provide a snapshot of the variety of ideas industry is developing to increase resource recovery and benefit their business.

Protecting our parks with recycled plastic

State government agencies, like Parks Victoria, are driving demand for recovered resources. Recycled plastic was used to develop a canoe launcher for Kings Billabong in Mildura. Using the characteristics of recycled plastics to deliver a durable, high-quality product.

TIC Mattress Recycling

If all the mattresses dumped in Victoria’s tips every week were stacked on top of each other, they’d be 1100 metres high – nearly twice the height of Mount Dandenong.

Laid end-to-end they’d stretch 10 kilometres.

TIC Mattress Recycling works with councils, hotels, hospitals and retailers and can recycle all of Victoria’s end-of-life mattresses.

Melbourne Zoo

One of Victoria’s most beloved institutions, Melbourne Zoo, is investing in resource recovery to manage its complex organic waste stream.

From animal manure to plant matter and consumer food waste, Melbourne Zoo is finding solutions that make both environmental and financial sense.

Close the Loop

Since its inception in 2000, Close the Loop has continuously invested in research and development to identify innovative ways to improve resource recovery and create new end products for industry.


Investing in an innovative, mobile infrastructure solution to access Victoria's vast and dispersed stocks of end-of-life tyres.


Victoria's long history of advanced manufacturing capability extends to the waste and resource recovery sector, with Wastech Engineering designing, manufacturing and installing market leading equipment for operators both locally and abroad.