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Last updated: 5 October 2021

Waste to energy (WtE) provides opportunities for long-term investment in Victoria’s waste and resource recovery sector. Victoria encourages investment in waste to energy projects with careful consideration to maximise environmental and economic benefits.

We support waste to energy investments where they meet best practice environment protection requirements, demonstrate social licence with affected communities, and reduce waste to landfill, using the waste hierarchy as an order of preference for how waste is managed. The recovery of energy from waste is considered as a suitable option after avoidance, reuse and recycling, to help us achieve the best possible economic and environmental outcomes.

Waste hierarchy inverted pyramid listing the terms in the following order: Avoidance, Re-use, Recycling, Energy recovery, Treatment, Containment, Disposal Waste hierarchy

Waste to energy will play an important role in an integrated waste management system and as a useful means of recovering value from waste materials that cannot otherwise be recovered, supporting Victoria’s energy transition by providing distributed, reliable and partly renewable energy.

Waste to energy technologies fall into 2 broad categories:

  1. thermal treatments
  2. the biological processing of organic waste (bioenergy).

Read about investing in bioenergy.

A waste to energy framework is currently in development. It includes placing a cap of one million tonnes of residual waste that can be used in waste to energy facilities each year until 2040. There will be a commitment by government to review the cap again in 2023.

For more information on the waste to energy framework, refer to Recycling Victoria.


  • Victoria’s landfill levy is set to double by 2023. This will encourage diversion of waste from landfill and increased recovery of more resources that can be used to turn into energy.
  • Opportunity to process mixed waste from residual municipal solid waste (MSW) and commercial and industrial (C&I) sector that cannot be sorted and reprocessed.

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