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Last updated: 5 October 2021

Mixed waste includes a combination of material streams with different properties, rather than a single material stream.

The main sources of mixed waste are:

  • municipal, also known as kerbside waste - includes waste from households
  • commercial and industrial (C&I) sector
  • construction and demolition (C&D) sector.

The Victorian Government has a long-term plan for better managing our waste. This plan includes supporting a viable resource recovery industry and reducing the amount of waste going to landfill.

The increase in supply

The 10-year Recycling Victoria policy has set targets to divert 80% of waste from landfill by 2030, with an interim target of 72% by 2025. To support these targets and incentivise greater investment in resource recovery, Victoria’s landfill levy is set to increase and almost double by 2023.

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New technologies are emerging which can further separate and recover materials from mixed waste. For materials that cannot be recovered, the recovery of energy through biological and thermal technologies presents opportunities.


  • Victoria’s landfill levy is set to double by 2023 and will encourage greater investment in resource recovery.
  • Opportunities to implement emerging technologies that can further recover materials from mixed waste.
  • Significant opportunities in thermal waste to energy for materials that can’t be recovered by traditional means.

Read more about waste to energy.

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