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Last updated: 6 October 2021

Victoria requires infrastructure which can safely manage the current and projected volumes of hazardous waste.

Hazardous waste is the hazardous by-product of everyday goods and services. As of 1 July 2021, hazardous waste is classified as reportable priority waste under Victoria’s environment protection laws and new permissions apply.

Read more about EPA's requirements for portable priority waste.

The Victorian Government has provided $12.8 million to combat illegal stockpiling and mismanagement of hazardous waste. This funding is also addressing illegal dumping of industrial waste in Victoria.

Industry investment in better hazardous waste management, including opportunities to maximise the safe and cost-effective recovery and recycling of these wastes, is being actively encouraged.

The Victorian Government has committed $9.7 million in grants for hazardous waste as part of the Recycling Victoria Infrastructure Fund.

View grants and funding opportunities.

Learn more about hazardous waste

The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) manages and enforces Victoria’s hazardous waste policy. It provides guidelines on managing hazardous waste including how to store, reprocess and dispose of it safely.

Sustainability Victoria continues to run the successful Detox Your Home program, encouraging the safe management and disposal of hazardous waste from households.

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