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Last updated: 1 December 2022

Glass recycling in Victoria mainly occurs through household consumption via kerbside mixed recycling collection.

Glass does not degrade through the recycling process, meaning it can be recycled again and again.

Recycling facilities in Victoria (known as beneficiation plants) sort and clean the mixed glass product. There are also plants that process glass fines into lower grade construction material and asphalt for road construction, which are absorbing some of the glass recycling demand.

The increase in supply

Victoria is introducing 2 new systems that will increase the amount of quality glass collected for recycling.

  • New 4-bin waste and recycling system will introduce a bin specifically for glass.
  • Container deposit scheme (CDS) where consumers get a rebate for returning glass to stores for recycling.

A National waste export ban on waste glass also commenced on 1 January 2021, which will see more glass reprocessing locally.

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It is anticipated that Australia will reach a 50% glass recycled content target by 2025.

Glass manufacturing capability is mature in Victoria and able to take increased amounts of clean and colour separated glass cullet. Two of the major glass container manufacturers in Australia, are headquartered in Victoria.


  • An increase in clean stream of glass from the new container deposit scheme and kerbside 4-bin system will lead to a growth in glass beneficiation capacity requirements.
  • Increase in demand for road base and construction materials will lead to increased demand in crushing and blending capacity for the construction industry, particularly in regional areas.

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Graphs and data

Glass waste generation sector breakdown
Waste generation by tonnes (2018-19)
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Glass waste Tonnes
Commercial and Industrial 60803
Construction and Demolition 3263
Municipal 213664

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