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Last updated: 14 May 2021

Victoria is aiming to grow resource recovery in the state, generating up to $5 billion in opportunities for infrastructure investment by 2044. This equates to $120–167 million in annual investment opportunities in financing technology, infrastructure and expertise to significantly improve Victoria’s resource recovery

Victoria leads Australia in the development of its waste and resource recovery sector.

We generate a quarter of Australia’s waste and this is expected to grow substantially over the next 30 years.

Watch this video about Victoria’s waste and resource recovery sector, the Victorian Government’s plan and service for infrastructure investment, and the opportunities available in the sector.

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Our service

Sustainability Victoria offers a free investment facilitation service for projects that increase Victoria’s resource recovery. We work with current and prospective investors from within Victoria, interstate or abroad.

The investment facilitation service is delivered by Sustainability Victoria, a statutory authority within the State Government’s environment portfolio. This portfolio includes the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) and Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA).

As Minister for the Energy, Environment and Climate Change, Lily D’Ambrosio is responsible for this portfolio.

Sustainability Victoria can help you by:

  • providing data and information on waste and resource streams
  • providing advice for business case development, approval processes and site planning
  • identifying potential financial and non-financial support mechanisms across government
  • coordinating your relationship with government
  • facilitating introductions across industry, government, regulators and the community
  • providing insight on the status and development of local end markets
  • informing you of environmental issues and requirements
  • advising on engaging with local communities
  • helping you understand the government’s policy direction and its priorities.

Seeking tailored investment solutions?

We can help you to identify opportunities in Victoria to invest in resource recovery, that match your investment interests and timeframes. Our staff can help introduce you to the Victorian market and get you started on your journey to increased resource recovery.

Investment opportunities

Watch this video to learn more about opportunities for waste and resource recovery companies looking to invest in Victoria, Australia.

This webinar has been presented by InvestVic and Sustainability Victoria.

Build your business case

We can help you to access the data, information, analysis and expertise you need to help develop your business case for investment in waste and resource recovery infrastructure.

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Work with government

Government is a crucial partner for investors seeking to pursue projects in waste and resource recovery infrastructure. Understanding the roles of local, state and commonwealth governments and agencies, as well as how they can help you to succeed, is crucial for any investment proposition.

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Planning and approvals

Our strategies

Sustainability Victoria has developed a suite of strategies to increase resource recovery in Victoria and ensure the state has a well-managed waste system that maximises the environmental, social and economic value of waste for all Victorians.