Recycling Victoria Research and Development Fund – Materials: Examples

Last updated: 27 July 2021

Example – Project costs

Provide details of contribution and cost for your project, excluding GST.

Notes: Total Project Contributions must equal Total Project Cost.

Project Income

Minimum amount requested from SV must be $75,000 excluding GST.

Maximum amount requested from SV must be $300,000 excluding GST.

Minimum co-contribution ratio is 1:1.

The Lead Industry Partner must contribute a minimum 20% of the co-contribution.

The remaining 80% of the co-contribution can be split as required, between the Lead Applicant and/or Industry Partner(s) and could come from another government funding source.

Project Costs

Evidence of costs (e.g. tax invoice(s), financial statement or other evidence as agreed with SV will be required for delivering the SV funding agreement.

Example – Timeline and key milestones

Outline the proposed timeline and key milestones (include specific testing and activities) for the research project.

Complete the table with an outline of each stage of the project and the timeframes involved.

Note: All projects must be completed within two years of signing the SV funding agreement.

The estimated costs must equal the total expenditure in the project cost table.

Example – Material or product source

Outline all the material(s) and product(s) this project will use and the proposed supplier. Include both virgin and recycled materials intended to be used in this project.