Circular Economy Markets Fund: Organics – Information bulletin

Last updated: 9 September 2022
Prior to 1 July 2022, this fund was named the Recycling Victoria Organics Markets Fund.

Information Session

An information session was held on Friday 24 June 2022. The material covered in this session can be found in the Fund Guidelines and was also covered in the Project Guidance session.

To request a copy of the slides presented at this Information Session please contact

Project Guidance session

A session to learn more about the Project Guidance material for the Organics Markets Fund was held online on Friday 20 May 2022.


More information

This grant program is a competitive process, and we are unable to review a draft or provide feedback on the potential merit of a project.

We encourage applicants to consider and address how the project meets the eligibility and merit criteria outlined in the grant guidelines and application form.