Research, Development and Demonstration grants

Last updated: 11 March 2022

Research, Development and Demonstration grants help fund research to develop new products made from recycled materials such as glass, plastic, organics, electronic waste, concrete, brick and rubber.

These grants are for businesses or local governments, who can partner with research institutes (mostly universities) to develop and create products that will use large volumes of recycled materials.

The grants aim to:

  • support research into product development and performance of recycled materials
  • support development of new or existing products that use high value recycled materials
  • improve product standards and specifications to include recycled material
  • improve market confidence and demand to use recycled materials and products.

Funded projects and recipients

Case studies

Breaking glass and breaking traditions: Innovation in the construction industry

The use of recycled materials in road and civil construction is on the rise, as industry and government look to innovate.

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Victoria’s beer-bottle road to a circular economy

Glass you recycle at home is being turned into high-quality sand and used in Victorian roadworks.

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From trial to reality: recycled glass and plastic in asphalt roads

The first of asphalt road mix uses reclaimed asphalt, toner from printer cartridges, glass fines and soft plastics.

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Hoppers Crossing footpath made from recycled plastic and glass

In a Victorian first, 200 metres of concrete footpath made with recycled glass and plastic bottles has been laid at Hoppers Crossing.

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Railway sleepers made from recycled plastic installed at Richmond Train Station

Trains travelling through Richmond are now running on railway sleepers made from recycled plastic.

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Using recycled glass fines in construction and product design

RMIT University examined ways to overcome the barriers of recycling glass fines.

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Yarra City Council trials glass and food waste recycling

A kerbside waste separation trial for glass and food waste is running in Abbotsford.

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How recycled glass bottles are helping build Victoria's roads of the future

SV is looking for projects that contribute to Victoria’s transition to a circular economy. This industry-led project was delivered in 2018 and shows how recycled glass bottles can be used in road base – in this instance in Melbourne’s heavily used and critical airport link, the Tullamarine Freeway.