Materials efficiency program

Last updated: 24 August 2021

The Boosting Productivity materials efficiency grants program is open to manufacturing businesses that have the potential to significantly improve materials efficiency and Sustainability Victoria is offering grants of up to $13,000 for businesses to improve the way they use their raw materials and resources while boosting productivity.

The program is now fully subscribed.

For questions about the program please contact Grants: or phone 1300 363 744

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How do I know if my business can benefit from a materials assessment?

Take a look at what your business throws away. This could be in the garbage, in a skip, down the drain or even in your recycling; wasted raw materials represent a considerable input cost to your business, even if it is recyclable. We have found, in some instances, the value of discarded materials is often up to 20 times the cost of waste disposal.

If you are still unsure, most materials assessments begin with an initial “bin trim” to help you identify the true value of waste to your business.

If your business is already engaging in a process or materials optimisation program, a Materials Efficiency grant can add value to your existing activities by finding opportunities that haven’t yet been identified or calculate the benefits of your optimisation program.

What are the benefits of improving materials efficiency?

Our industry-specific case studies show that improving materials efficiency leads to:

  • reduced raw materials use
  • reduced waste management costs
  • improved labour efficiency
  • reduced energy input
  • lower unit-cost of production
  • improved product quality
  • improved employee safety and wellbeing outcomes.

Maton Guitars

Watch the video to find out how Maton Guitars has adapted lean manufacturing principles to achieve materials efficiency gains.

What does the program provide?

This grant program provides matched funding assistance of up to $13,000 for Victorian businesses.

  • Up to $10,000 can be used for expert advice from a materials efficiency assessor (consultant).
  • Up to $3000 bonus incentive to implement materials efficiency solutions.

The assessor will work with the business to tackle the root cause of the waste problem, understand the “true cost of waste” and develop a bespoke business case for investing in cost-effective solutions. The business will receive a report tailored to its individual needs and opportunities.

SV also offer a sustainable finance facilitation service that can assist with covering the cost of upgrades.