Investment Support Grants – Packaging Round 2

Last updated: 16 December 2021

Grant recipients announced

In this round, 18 organisations have been awarded more than $540,000 in total. The grants support small and medium-sized enterprises, not-for-profits and social enterprises to invest in projects that reduce, recover and reuse packaging materials (such as plastics, paper and cardboard) with a focus on new product creation. These projects support Recycling Victoria, our 10-year action plan to transform our recycling system.

Grants recipients

Christie Centre Inc.

  • Funding: $48,000
  • Description: Christie Centre Inc. will purchase an additional industrial paper and cardboard shredder for its social enterprise Aroundagain Document Destruction, to further boost its environmental and social impact.

Innovative Plastic Solutions

  • Funding: $50,000
  • Description: Innovative Plastic Solutions will expand operations with the purchase of a second injection moulding tool to produce their handbasket product in Victoria using recycled HDPE plastic from milk bottles.

Plastica Australia

  • Funding: $50,000
  • Description: Plastica Australia proposes to take soft plastics and packaging waste destined for landfill from hospitals and remanufacture back into clinical and anatomical waste bags for use in hospitals across Victoria.

The Dirt Company

  • Funding: $10,071
  • Description: The Dirt Company will transition from packaging procured offshore to partly manufacturing some its plastic packaging in house, using waste created through its process and additional appropriate consumer waste.

Preston Neighbourhood House

  • Funding: $28,200
  • Description: Preston Neighbourhood House proposes to repurpose cardboard boxes donated by Darebin businesses and individuals into new packaging products to be reused within the community.

EQ Plastics

  • Funding: $50,000
  • Description: EQ plastics will upgrade one of its existing food grade plastic sheet extrusion lines, enabling increase of recycled polypropylene derived from packaging to be used within the production process.

Happy Planet Toys

  • Funding: $30,455
  • Description: Happy Planet Toys will deliver on its next commercially viable toy, a unique Pelican-inspired bucket and spade set made from 100% recycled HDPE from milk bottles.

Moon Dog Brewery

  • Funding: $10,000
  • Description: Moon Dog Brewing proposes to install a pneumatic baling system to bale cardboard waste produced through the packaging process and to divert polypropylene woven grain bags from ending up in landfill.

Two Hands

  • Funding: $10,681
  • Description: Two Hands assists food networks to build ethical and transparent food supply chains for social and environmental impact. The funding will target the seafood packaging industry providing a new recyclable and reusable alternative encompassing traceability and providing a circular solution.

Southern Ocean Environment Link

  • Funding: $22,898
  • Description: Southern Ocean Environmental Link will expand its program in LDPE and HDPE collection, repurposing / manufacturing and education throughout Geelong, the Bellarine and the Surf coast regions.

Central Ringwood Community Centre

  • Funding: $10,000
  • Description: Central Ringwood Community Centre will create a new avenue for used bottle lids, repurposing it as 100% recycled plastic bricks.


  • Funding: $50,000
  • Description: MCI aims to commission a plotting cutter and associated hardware for processing used cardoard boxes into new customisable size boxes and void filling that will be used to package the companies manufactured components.

Gram Sustainable Services

  • Funding: $20,000
  • Description: Gram Sustainable services will roll out locally made bulk refillable cleaning products offering a service to return, reuse and refill the containers, thus reducing unnecessary packaging waste in the cleaning sector.


  • Funding: $35,000
  • Description: Reground will expand existing operations in which they collect problematic commercial plastic coffee bag ensuring recyclability and quadrupling their capacity, improving data tracking and reducing contamination in recycling streams within the café industry.

Bintani Australia

  • Funding: $11,405
  • Description: Bintani's Grain Loop project aims to reduce the amount of woven polypropylene bags that go to landfill by introducing returnable bulk grain discharge bins under a return/refill/reuse model.

HSZ Corp

  • Funding: $50,000
  • Description: HSZ Corp will purchase a Multi-Layer Film Line (5 Layers) to enable recycled material content to be sandwiched between virgin skins in layers to be used in food contact packaging.

Quantum Recycling Solutions

  • Funding: $41,500
  • Description: ‍Quantum will implement a plant upgrade that expands existing operations to recycle and reprocess e-waste plastics and associated packaging.

The Good Brew Company

  • Funding: $14,290
  • Description: Good brew will purchase an industrial bottle washing plant and implement a reuse model and incentivised bottle return system for its kombucha .