Gas efficiency grants

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The program is now fully subscribed. For questions about the program please contact or explore other grants and funding available.

Many businesses are increasing their energy efficiency and reducing gas use and costs through SV programs. For large gas users, there are many opportunities to improve efficiency such as upgrades to boiler or steam systems, industrial ovens or kilns, or recovering waste heat.

The gas efficiency grants provided matched funding of up to $50,000 to assist eligible businesses* with the cost of projects that increased the efficient use of gas and relieved gas cost pressures.

Gas Efficiency Grant Recipient Collective Savings

The dashboard below identifies the collective energy and cost savings achieved by gas efficiency grant recipient businesses across Victoria.

Gas Efficiency Grant Recipient Businesses

Grant recipients
Business Project Funding
Catalent Australia Capital equipment upgrade to reduce gas used for humidity control of production rooms. $50,000.00
Alba Cheese Heat recovery from ricotta vats and refrigeration plant. Steam pipe insulation to minimise heat loss. $50,000.00
Alucoat Australia Installation of air curtains to improve the gas efficiency of powder coating operations. $20,940.00
Asaleo Care Australia Removable insulation covers on pipe fittings. $40,512.00
Ausfresh Installation of a heat recovery system from the refrigeration plant and upgrade of heating hot water system. $50,000.00
Austral Hotel, Korumburra Upgrades to enable fuel switching, eliminating reliance on LPG bottled gas. $50,000.00
Australian Tallow Producers Capital upgrades to reduce heat losses in the steam distribution system. $50,000.00
Broadford Sawmill (Davids Timber) Replacing a conventional drying timber kiln with a energy efficient pressure vessel retort which will reduce drying times. $50,000.00
CMTP Pty Ltd Installation of two heat recovery systems on two timber drying kilns. $29,688.00
Complete POD Solutions Pty Ltd Installation of heat recovery system. $25,000.00
Denim 108 Pty Ltd (Nobody Denim) Replacing an older boiler with a new energy efficient 500 kW steam boiler. $34,000.00
Dennison Foods Manufacturing Decommissioning existing ageing gas boiler with a new 200 kW energy efficient boiler. $39,700.00
Exquisine Pty Ltd Modify existing refrigeration plant to install two heat recovery system to preheat water to the boiler. Insulate piping and two concrete tanks to minimise hot water losses. $40,000.00
Foamex Victoria Pty. Ltd. Installation of heat exchangers to preheat boiler feedwater. Replace the oven door seals and balance the oven air flows to minimise heat losses. $25,000.00
GrainCorp Foods Australia Pty Ltd Optimising existing heat recovery system to increase the recovery and use of waste heat energy. $50,000.00
Hardwicks Meatworks Installation of a new 2,000 kW hot water boiler and a new 55,000 litre hot water tank. $50,000.00
Holcim Installation of two new 500 kW boilers to replace larger aged boiler. $50,000.00
IndustrialCarbons Installation of an efficient new furnace to dry BBQ briquettes. $50,000.00
J&D Conti (Conti Orchards) Replacing two LPG forklifts with two electric forklifts. The battery of the forklifts will be charged with excess power generated from an existing 100kW PV system. $40,550.00
Kagome Australia Capital upgrades to four steam boilers, including improved metering, monitoring and control of the natural gas and water used. $38,823.00
Katunga Fresh Produce Installation of an energy efficient 6 MW boiler and buffer tanks. $50,000.00
Kingfield Galvanizing Pty Ltd Modifying and an improve existing heat recovery system to reclaim more process heat. Installation of two gas meters for dryers and boiler. $23,000.00
Madigan Fresh Produce Pty Ltd Installation of thermal screens to reduce heat losses in a large glasshouse. $45,000.00
Manpak Pty Ltd Upgrade an existing boiler and replace the standby boiler with an energy efficient gas boiler. Steam pipework will also be insulated. $50,000.00
Marble Developments Pty Ltd t/a My Beautiful Laundrette Replace twenty old inefficient laundry dryers with eighteen energy efficient dryers. $49,558.50
Master Dry Cleaners Replace existing old boiler with an energy efficient new boiler. Insulate steam pipes to reduce heat losses. $36,970.00
Mildura Meatco Replace old hotwater boilers with two new 1MW energy efficient hot water boiler. $50,000.00
Nissan Casting Australia Plant Installation of two new energy efficient preheat burner stations with automatic lowering lids to cover the ladle prior to the heating process and will include inline gas meters and control system. $50,000.00
Nobody Denim Replace an old, oversized, inefficient, 785kW boiler with a new energy efficient 500kW steam boiler. $34,000.00
Oak on Market Replace existing pool heater with and energy efficient closed loop boiler and control system. Replace twelve old 5 star with 6 star instantaneous hot water system with a energy efficient control system. This includes new temperature and pressure sensors, variable speed drives for the new pumping water system. $33,650.00
OJI Fibre Solutions Aus Pty Ltd Replacement of burner with more efficient burner system with an oxygen trim system, variable speed drive, gas and steam meters. $50,000.00
Orora Packaging Australia Replacement of inefficient space heaters whith more efficient radiant tube heaters. $50,000.00
Pental Limited Replacement of a 4MW gas boiler with a four 500 kW boilers. $50,000.00
Phillip Island Adventure Resort Replace three old and inefficient dryers with three energy efficient dryers. $7,005.00
Planex Installation of heat recovery and air curtains to improve the gas efficiency of powder coating operations. $35,360.00
Polydip Installation of air curtains to improve the gas efficiency of powder coating operations. $42,710.00
Precision Plating (Aust) Pty Ltd Upgrading the gas curing oven with VSD on exhaust fan control and extended insulation of oven. $13,628.00
Pureharvest Installation of a new 6 MW gas fired water tube unattended steam boiler. $50,000.00
Robert Bosch Australia / BSH Home Appliances Pty Ltd Replacing two boilers with two energy efficient condensing boilers. $50,000.00
San Remo Fishermen’s Co-op Replacement of ten inefficient commercial fryers with newer faster energy efficient fryers $50,000.00
Saputo Dairy Australia Installation of flexible removable thermal insulation jackets and thermal cladding insulation on pipes, dropper, boiler blowdown line, ash shut duct and feedwater tank. $50,000.00
SCS Plastics Convert LPG forklifts to battery operated forklift which will be powered by the site's 300kW photovoltaic system. $24,250.00
Selkirk Group Upgrades to kiln for drying bricks. Instillation of Ceridry and Kimo set, dryer vestibule doors, VSD to hot air fan and adjusting limits to dryer burner. $50,000.00
South Coast Junior Aquactics Installation of hot water heat pumps which will replace a gas hot water system, the heat pumps will be powered by a new 45kW solar PV. $19,000.00
Sundown Foods Eight inefficient boilers will be replaced with three larger energy efficient boilers. $50,000.00
Super Clean Linen Service Installation of gas and steam metering. $10,000.00
Tatura Fresh Pty Ltd Installation of automated shade and thermal screens in an existing 2.5ha glasshouse to reduce heat losses. $50,000.00
Value Heat Treatment Installation of new burners and brick lining system on metal heat treatment furnace. $50,000.00
Victoria Wool Processors Installation of new boiler and burner management system to two boilers. $23,750.00
W Ryan Abattoirs Pty Ltd Install insulation over the whole steam ring main to reduce heat losses. $14,881.00
Warragul Dry Cleaners Installation of a new energy efficient ironer. $22,000.00
Woods Furniture Installation of air curtains on cure and dry off ovens used to powder coat furniture. $40,757.00

What are the benefits of gas efficiency?

Many businesses are already increasing energy efficiency, reducing gas use and costs through our past energy efficiency programs. Learn about the benefits these businesses achieved below:

Improving the efficiency of boiler or steam systems

South Pacific Laundry improved its steam distribution system by upgrading boilers and replacing steam traps, reducing gas consumption by 4–6%. The business also benefited from improved OH&S, better quality outputs, equipment reliability and a better understanding of the value of preventative maintenance.

Read more about South Pacific Laundry’s energy efficient improvements

Typically, energy improvements of 10% or more can be made relatively easily through maintenance and low cost, straightforward improvements. The financial rewards of these are often immediate or have a very short payback. Learn more by best practice operation of steam, hot water and process heating systems by reading our Energy Efficiency Best Practice Guide.

Improving the efficiency of industrial ovens or kilns

Hilustre Coating improved the efficiency of their powder coating ovens, reducing gas consumption by 10–15%. The ovens are large tunnels that are open at both ends, and heat escapes through these openings.

The solution was to install ‘heat knifes’ and the difference was immediate – some of the ovens that operated at 200°C were able to be turned down to 130–140°C.

Read more about Hilustre Coatings energy efficient improvements

Waste Heat Recovery

Game Meats Company installed a heat recovery system to reuse ‘waste heat’ from the refrigeration system to pre-heat boiler feedwater, reducing gas consumption by 15–20%.

The business also benefited from reduced maintenance on the boiler and avoided the need to upgrade to larger capacity boiler.

Read more about Game Meats Company waste heat recovery project


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