TAKE2 pledge for businesses

Last updated: 11 February 2021

Businesses that TAKE2 have the chance to join over 1,000 Victorian organisations that have taken the pledge. Our business members represent more than 400,000 employees and generate a total annual revenue of more than $278 billion.

Small operators and big businesses from a range of industries and sectors are all part of our growing network. Some are just starting out and others are advanced in taking action on climate change.

Each one is taking steps to position themselves for a low carbon future and many are making the investment in tools and technologies that will result in significantly lower operating costs.

We know Victorian businesses can have the biggest impact on climate change. Imagine having support and advice on actions you can take across:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Renewable energy
  • Waste management
  • Transport and fleet
  • Travel
  • Responsible purchasing.

Think of TAKE2 as a climate change action plan for your business. Remember the more businesses that pledge to TAKE2, the greater impact we can have on climate change.