ResourceSmart Schools star progression

Last updated: 6 September 2022

Stars are obtained through completion of Modules and meeting benchmarks for resource use and are valid for four years.

Schools receive their first Star once their Core Module is certified by Sustainability Victoria. Schools can progress from 1 Star up to 5 Stars and move towards becoming a Leadership School. Each of the 5 Stars has specific requirements for completion. Schools are required to complete additional actions in the Modules and to meet and maintain resource benchmarks.

1 Star: Awakening
The first step towards becoming a star rated school. Involve the whole school and establish a sustainability plan.


2 Stars: Discovering
Actively engage the school community on sustainability issues and opportunities and who can help.


3 Stars: Transforming
Focus on strategic planning to integrate education for sustainability into campus, curriculum and community. This is where students become actively engaged designing and constructing a systems approach to how the school uses resources.


4 Stars: Sustaining
Measure, monitor and document the process of continuous learning and systems improvements, e.g. changes in behaviour and physical environment.


5 Stars: Leading
Celebrate and promote the school's achievements and acknowledge those who helped the school to get there. School is mentoring others and showcasing how they have embedded sustainability across their school and community.


Celebrate your progress

When schools achieve their first Star, Sustainability Victoria sends a sign for the school gate to show the school's Star status. Every time a Star is completed, the school will receive another Star to celebrate success as they go.

Become a 5 Star school

Achieving 5 Stars is where schools embed sustainability in everything they do. Schools minimise waste, save energy and water, promote biodiversity and take action on climate change to benefit their school and community. Leadership is demonstrated in their school and community through mentoring, sharing stories, attending conferences, hosting teacher network meetings and engaging with other environmental groups.

When a school achieves 4 Stars, Sustainability Victoria will visit the school with a facilitator to review the school's achievements and support the school to work towards achieving 5 Star status.

Congratulations to all ResourceSmart schools that have achieved the highest level of 5 Star Sustainability Certification.

The 5 Star schools listed below have demonstrated significant leadership in each of the five ResourceSmart Schools modules of Core, Biodiversity, Energy, Water and Waste as well as actively helping other schools start their own sustainability journey.

Current 5 Star schools

Getting started

Getting started in the ResourceSmart Schools program is easy. Schools have access to a community of sustainability experts located throughout Victoria equipped with the knowledge, skills and resources to help each school get started.

Schools are connected to sustainability networks and programs to become a more sustainable school. Any Victorian school can become a ResourceSmart School.

The first step is to register your interest. Once a school registers interest, a Regional Coordinator will make contact to provide more information on the ResourceSmart Schools program.


Want to know more? Get in touch with:

ResourceSmart Schools Education Team
Sustainability Victoria
1300 363 744