Climate dialogues

Last updated: 17 January 2021

Climate change and social research

Presenter – Sustainability Victoria

Social research helps us to understand human perspectives, and provides insights on how we can change human behaviour to achieve a particular outcome. Learn about the results of social research on the topic of climate change, as we share highlights from findings and examples of how they're being used to drive change today.

Video recording of the live Q&A session available Monday 22 June.

The importance of voluntary action (Years 7–12 +)

Presenter – Steve Loffler, Sustainability Victoria

Live conversation with Q&A: 12:30–1:00 pm Friday 26 June

As human beings, we are innately driven to share and celebrate the positive things that we do, and rightly so. This is because some of the best ideas on Climate Change action, actually come from the community - individuals, schools and organisations. Tune in to hear about the importance of voluntary action, and the benefits of sharing and highlighting such achievements as a mechanism for driving collective action, and thus change.

Curriculum links: Science and Ethical Capabilities

Cross-curriculum priorities: Learning about Sustainability