Small Business Energy Saver Program for Accredited Providers

Last updated: 31 May 2021

The Small Business Energy Saver program provides a bonus incentive to small businesses to upgrade equipment to increase energy efficiency.

To date, the Victorian Energy Upgrades program has provided support to medium and large businesses. This program specifically caters for Victorian Energy Upgrades to small businesses.

Small businesses must:

  • have 1 to 19 employees
  • operate from commercial (non-residential) premises.

This program is not available for agricultural primary producers.

As an accredited provider, your involvement in this program is essential.

Information bulletin

For our responses to questions not addressed on this page or in the guidelines and a recording of the Information session, view the Information bulletin.

Why register?

This program will help you to:

  • increase the uptake of Victorian Energy Upgrades for small businesses
  • build capability and capacity to deliver energy savings
  • overcome barriers to Victorian Energy Upgrades program acceptance in regional Victoria
  • build relationships with local tradespersons
  • connect with local government and business associations
  • provide financial incentive to find energy savings.

Program details

The program will provide a bonus to businesses to upgrade equipment on their premises. This is in addition to the existing Victorian Energy Upgrades discounts due to Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates created.

Suitable intermediary organisations will be in place to actively engage small business participation and promote the benefits of the program in their geographic or industry sector.

Accredited providers who register for the program will:

  • identify equipment in a small business that is eligible to receive the bonus
  • offer an upgrade to a small business and include details that show the total cost, the existing Victorian Energy Upgrades discount, the program bonus and the net cost (if any)
  • apply for reimbursement of program bonuses in batches directly from Sustainability Victoria by providing the required paperwork.

To learn how to calculate the bonus, read the Program Activity Schedule (docx, 22kB) (pdf, 401kB).

Register now

Many accredited providers are experts in their field. To be eligible for this program and to receive the upgrade bonus on behalf of a small business, it’s preferable that you are experienced in delivering a variety of upgrades.

Typical Victorian Energy Upgrade activities eligible for the bonus

The types of eligible Victorian Energy Upgrade activities include:

  • replacing inefficient electric water heaters with efficient gas, solar, heat pump options
  • installing single and two-door refrigerators, upright freezers or refrigerated display cabinets
  • installing a water-efficient pre-rinse spray valves
  • installing a fan motor in a ducted fan or partition fan, or a high-efficiency MEPS listed motor
  • upgrading to an energy-efficient room air conditioner.

How to register

  • After you have registered, you can start delivering activities under this program.

Promoting the program

Once you have completed the registration process, you can start promoting the program. For details on how to reach out to small businesses in your area, view our information kit.

More information

The Victorian Energy Upgrades program provides households and businesses with a range of discounted energy efficient products and services. Visit Victorian Energy Upgrades.