Building and renovation advice

Last updated: 15 September 2022

In Victoria there are a range of formal training and accreditation schemes that provide a greater level of service and confidence to people who are looking for environmental features and performance. The following list provides a summary of professional associations, certifications and product directories that will help you design and build a more sustainable home.

Energy efficiency advice

Positive Charge has a helpline that provides independent advice to households that have any sustainability or energy-related questions. They also offer a home assessment service, with some additional advice on appliances and upgrades.

The Alternative Technology Association is a not-for-profit organisation that provides independent practical advice on renewable energy, energy efficiency and water conservation for your home.

GreenSmart professionals

GreenSmart professionals are accredited through the Housing Industry Association (HIA) and provide advice on creating sustainable homes, developments and building products for consumers and the housing industry.

Green Living builders

Green Living builders are accredited through the Master Builders Association and can provide you with advice about the benefits of making your home more comfortable and efficient.

EcoSmart electricians

EcoSmart electricians are certified through the National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) to provide consumers with advice about saving energy in the home using energy efficient lighting, pumps, fans and motors, solar generation systems, heating and cooling.

Energy raters

Energy raters, or thermal performance assessors, use modelling software to develop a star rating for your renovation. The ratings are between 0 and 10 stars, with a minimum star achievement set by the building code. Your energy rater can advise you about how to optimise your renovation to achieve higher energy efficiency.

Your energy rater should be accredited to ensure that they meet the required professional standards. Contact the Building Designers Association of Victoria or the Association of Building Sustainability Assessors to find accredited energy raters.

Home sustainability assessors

Not sure where to start with making your existing home more energy efficient? A home sustainability assessor will conduct an audit of your home to provide advice on the ways to optimise its efficiency. The Building Designers Association of Victoria can help you to find a home sustainability assessor near you.

Architects and building designers

Archicentre is the building design service for the Australian Institute of Architects and provides building design, inspections and advice services to householders planning a renovation.

Find an architect using the Australian Institute of Architect's free service.

The Building Designer Association of Victoria will help you find a building designer in your area.