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Environmental Upgrade Finance fact sheet

An Environmental Upgrade Finance is a financing structure whereby building owners can borrow money for energy efficiency or renewable energy projects and make repayment through the local council charge.

Oil reclamation facility

Fact sheet – Motor oil and cooking oil

Information for resource recovery centres about acts, regulations, standards and guidelines that apply to the management of motor and cooking oils.

Close-up of gloved hands picking out scraps in a compost heap

Fact sheet – Food and garden organics

Information to help resource recovery centres deal with food and garden organics (FOGO) safely and according to acts, regulations, standards and guidelines.

Close-up of used batteries

Fact sheet – Batteries

Information to help resource recovery centres handle batteries safely and efficiently.

Better practice supplementary workbook

This workbook complements the Guide helping resource recovery centres document and assess performance against the better practice guidance.

Guide to Better Practice at Resource Recovery Centres

Guidance to help you assess your facility during site development, upgrade or while operating and managing a site.

PV systems stewardship options

The final report of the PV Systems Stewardship Options Assessment, Second Phase.

Annual report 2017–2018

Sustainability Victoria's 2017–18 Annual report

Better Practice Guide for Waste Management and Recycling in Multi-unit Developments

A stand-alone resource providing guidance for architects, building designers, developers, building managers, residents, planners and waste management officers to effectively incorporate waste management and recycling in multi-unit developments.