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Transfer station signage

Transfer Station Signage

This collection of posters can be used to optimise resource recovery centre design. The posters have been developed using the relevant Australian Standards and colour coding to provide a consistent approach to help users drop off materials in dedicated areas.

Cover of Love Food Hate Waste Pre-campaign Community Research

Household Food Waste Social Research

This research identifies baseline measurements of beliefs, attitudes and behaviours around food waste in Victorian households. The research findings are used to inform the Victorian Government's Love Food Hate Waste campaign.

ResourceSmart icon - Energy

How to enter your bills

This guide will help you to get set up and ready to enter data for the ResourceSmart Schools Energy Champions challenge.

Logo for Sustainability Victoria with the words, fact sheet

Measuring our impact - Fact sheet

A new independent analysis by ACIL Allen demonstrates how we are delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for Victorians.

Cover of Better Practice Guide Waste Management and Recycling in MUDs Draft for Consultation

Waste Management & Recycling in MUDs - Draft for consultation

This draft of the amended Guide is now open for comment. Comments received will help shape the final guide and improve waste management practices and recycling levels in MUDs.

Cover of Measuring Our Impact

Measuring our impact

SV commissioned ACIL Allen to complete an independent impact assessment of our programs and initiatives to objectively quantify the value SV provides to the Victorian community.

Cover of the Next Wave Refresh summary

The Next Wave Refresh 2018 - summary

A summary of The Next Wave Refresh report.

Waste signage - Complete

A collection of icons, posters and signage to help with waste collection.

Waste signage - Clinical waste

Posters and signage to help with waste collection.

Waste signage - Icons and symbols

A collection of icons and symbols to use in signage for waste collection.