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Microplastics and Port Phillip Bay

This citizen science project engaged volunteers and scientists in a whole-of-catchment collaborative research project to better understand the sources and impacts of microplastics in Port Phillip Bay.

Resource Recovery Market Bulletin (December 2019)

Resource Recovery Market Bulletin (November 2019)

PV panel reprocessing

Research into silicon-based photovoltaic cell solar panel processing methods, viable materials recovery and potential end market applications.

National Litter Index 2018–19: Victoria results

The results of biannual litter counts at the same, undisclosed 151 sites across Victoria.

Transfer station signage

Transfer Station Signage

This collection of posters can be used to optimise resource recovery centre design. The posters have been developed using the relevant Australian Standards and colour coding to provide a consistent approach to help users drop off materials in dedicated areas.

Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Retrofits to Existing Victorian Houses

In this report, we present the results of Sustainability Victoria’s Comprehensive Retrofit Trial, undertaken in fourteen existing houses located in Melbourne.