Board meeting 8 and 9 December Communique

Last updated: 14 September 2022

Today the Sustainability Victoria Board held its seventh meeting of the year. This meeting was the first occasion for the board to meet in person this year with the meeting spanning two days. A summary of the meeting is presented below.

The first day focused on board dynamics, strategic direction setting and priorities for 2022 and beyond. This included discussions about the potential opportunities and anticipated challenges over the next 12 months, the role of the Board in the public sector context and financial sustainability and diversification opportunities for Sustainability Victoria.

The second day canvassed ways to strengthen the operating dynamic between the Board and the Executive Leadership Team of Sustainability Victoria. The Board then discussed the Stakeholder Strategy for the organisation. A particular highlight was the discussion on the draft Strategic Plan (SV2030) which has been open for feedback from the Victorian community. The Board acknowledged the significant consultation on the draft strategy and the importance of the Strategy in cementing Sustainability Victoria’s key focus areas of Investment and Innovation, Behaviour Change and Education and Community Action. This strategic focus is designed to spearhead sustainability practices across Victoria (extract below with relevant Sustainable Development Goals).

Finally, the Board approved Sustainability Victoria’s Gender Equality Action Plan‐ a plan that demonstrates the organisation’s commitment to serve as a lighthouse for gender diversity and inclusion into the future.

SV focus areas and UN Sustainability Goals