Board meeting 29 July 2021 Communique

Last updated: 14 September 2022

Today the Sustainability Victoria Board held its fourth meeting of the year. Highlights are presented below.

The meeting was the first meeting of the incoming Chair, Johan Scheffer, and new Board members Judith Landsberg (deputy Chair/Performance and Culture Committee), Meredith Banks (Audit, Risk and Finance Committee), Sarah McDowell (Audit, Risk and Finance Committee), and Mark Wakeham (Performance and Culture Committee).

The Hon. Lily D’Ambrosio, Minister for Energy, Environment, Climate Change and Minister for Solar Homes joined the meeting and provided an overview of the Victorian Government’s priorities and key focus areas for SV. The Minister was highly appreciative of the work of SV and the ambitious Agenda set to deliver on the circular economy for Victoria.

The Board endorsed the CEO’s Performance Review for FY20/21, CEO Performance Plan for FY21/22 and CEO Performance Plan – Professional Development objectives for FY21/22.

The Board also endorsed the FY21/22 Final Budget.

A comprehensive report was tabled by the CEO, including program updates, impacts of COVID on the organisation and how they are being managed, the organisation’s upcoming move to a new office at Exhibition Street and the opportunities for increased collaboration that will present and a preview of the annual year in review video. A key highlight for the organisation is that the entirety of Sustainability Victoria’s program portfolio as outlined in recent state budgets and strategies has been now launched and is being delivered with partners across the state.

The Board endorsed a range of upcoming grant rounds, continuing to highlight the Victorian Government’s commitment to innovation and the circular economy.